February 29, 2024

Joella Bobak

Almost seven years ago, Joella Bobak suffered a heart attack in her home. As an EMT, she knew she was exhibiting signs of a heart attack – pain and numbness in her arms, followed by nausea. Joella suddenly collapsed and her husband called 911. Within three minutes EMTs arrived and performed CPR on her for almost an hour, shocking her eight times. She arrested a second time at the hospital, requiring a ninth shock.

Joella had a 100% blockage in her left main artery, and while physicians were unsure of her prognosis, they inserted the Impella® heart pump to help support her heart. She was moved to the coronary care unit where Joella was sedated and her body was cooled to prevent brain damage. Medical teams expected her to be brain dead due to an extended period of time without oxygen, but Joella defied the odds as her heart began to recover and she awoke from sedation.

After seven days in the hospital, Joella returned home the night before her 45th birthday. Heart recovery has allowed Joella to share her story in an effort to prevent other people from experiencing a similar traumatic event. She spends 60 hours a week working as a volunteer EMT and provides support to families on critical visits. Joella embraces the fact that she has been given a second chance at life and tells her family and friends she loves them every chance she gets.


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