March 29, 2024

Jenny DeVoe

Seven years ago, healthy and active mother Jenny DeVoe, 36, began experiencing extreme nausea, heartburn, and heart palpitations. Although weak, Jenny asked her father to drive her to work, but instead he drove her straight to the ER. Jenny passed out in the parking lot before entering the ER. Jenny had cardiomyopathy due to viral myocarditis.  

After being transferred to a different hospital, a balloon pump was inserted but her condition worsened, and physicians feared she would need a heart transplant. She was quickly transferred to a third hospital where the Impella® heart pump was inserted. Her ejection fraction was down to 5% and Jenny’s heart required more support. Her physicians decided to replace the Impella CP® with the Impella 5.0®. Her heart showed signs of recovery after several days and physicians  removed the Impella.  

As a single mother to her 16-month-old and teenage son, Jenny was terrified at the thought of not surviving for her boys. Heart recovery has allowed Jenny to raise her sons and continue  living life with her family, appreciating the life things more than ever with her recovered heart.  Jenny also welcomed her third child last year!


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